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Banking Business

SBB/86/2023 Appointment of External Auditor of a Bank

SBB/85/2022Licensing, Credit Information and Examination Fees on Banks 

SBB/84/2022 Reserve Requirement -8th- Replacement 

SBB/83/2022 Requirements for Information Technology (IT) Management of Banks 

SBB-82-2021(First Replacement)Licensing and Supervision of Banking Business Directive for Foreign     Currency Intermediation By Bank

SBB-81-2021 Investment on DBE Bonds

SBB-78-2021Minimum Capital Requirement For Banks)

SBB-79-2021 Requirements for Persons with Significant Influence in a Bank(2nd Replacement)

SBB-76-2021 Risk-Based Internal Audit

SBB-75-2021 Management of Unclaimed Liabilities of a Bank

SBB-74-2020 Requirements for Relicensing a Microfinance Institution as a Bank

SBB-73-2020 Manner of Equity Investment by Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian Origin in banks.pdf

SBB/71/2019 Bank Corporate Governance

SBB/72/2019 Licensing and Authorization of Interest Free Banking Business

SBB/69/2018 Asset Classification and Provisioning

SBB/67/2018  Limit on Board Remuneration and Number of Employees Who sit on a Bank Board

SBB/66/2018 Third Amendment of Branch Opening

NBE/INT/12/2017 Interest Rate

SBB/64/2016 Cheque Account Operation

SBB/3/95 Contribution in Kind

SBB/4/95 Legal Reserve

SBB/9/95 Computation of Risk Weighted Asset

SBB/10/95 Limitation on Accommodation

SBB/13/96 Naming of Officers

SBB/19/96 Approval of Appointments of an Independent Auditor

SBB/21/96 Manner of Reporting Financial Information

SBB/26/01 Establishment of Special Account for Effecting Payments for Coffee Purchase From the Coffee Auction Center

SBB/27/01 Amendment of limitation on Open Foreign Currency Position of Banks

SBB/35/04 Amendment of Penalty for Non-Compliance with the Directives of National Bank of Ethiopia

SBB/41/07 Directives to transfer Duties and Responsibilities Related to Establishment and Operation of ECG Scheme from the NBE to DBE

SBB/47/10 Time Limit for Reduction and/or Relinquishing Shareholdings

SBB/52/12 Asset Classification and Provisioning for Development for Finance Institutions

SBB/53/12 Credit Exposure to single and related Counter parties

SBB/56/13 Requirements for Licensing and Renewal of Banking Business

SBB/57/14 Liquidity Requirement (5th Replacement)

SBB/59/14 Fraud Monitoring

SBB/65/2017 Limitations on Investment of Banks (as Amended)

SBB/61/2015 Monitoring the Nationality of Shareholders of a Bank


SBB-80-2021Reserve Requirement(7th Replacement)

SBB/68/2018 Licensing and Supervision of Banking Business

Foriegn Currency Intermediation by Banks

SBB/70/19 Requirements for Persons with Significant Influence in a Bank

SBB/58/14 Second Amendment of Branch Opening

SBB/55/13 Reserve Requirement(6th Replacement)

SBB/54/12 Requirements for persons with Significant Influence in a Bank

SBB/50/11 Minimum Capital requirement for Banks

SBB/51/11 Directives to Authorize the Business of Interest Free Banking

SBB/49/11 Limits on Board Remuneration and Number of Employees Who Sit on a Bank Board

SBB/43/08 Asset Classification and Provisioning(4th Replacement)

SBB/31/02 Proper Operation of Current Account and Cheque

FIS/01/2012 Regulation of Mobile and Agent Banking Services

The National Bank of Ethiopia was established in 1963 by proclamation 206 of 1963 and began operation in January 1964.

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