Foreign Exchange Management - National Bank

Foreign Exchange Management

FXD/82/2022  Amendment to External Loan and Supplier’s Credit 

FXD/81/2022  Limits on Birr and foreign Currency Holding in the territory of Ethiopia

FXD/80/2022  Amendment to Directive No.fxd-65-2020 on Flower Export and Repatriations of the Export Proceeds

FXD/79/2022  Amendment of Retention and Utilization of Earnings and Inward Remittances

FXD/78/2022  Foreign Exchange Surrender Requirements of Banks(As Amended)

 FXD/77/2021 Transparency in Foreign Currency Allocation and Foreign Exchange Management

 FXD/76/2021 Amendment of External Loan and Suppliers Credit

FXD/75/2021 Amendment of FXD-07-1998 Advance Payment

 FXD/74/2021 Intrernational Remittance Service

FXD/73/2021 Amendment FXD-70-2021 Retention Account

FXD/72/2021Amendment to Surrender Requirement  FXD-54-2017

FXD/70/2021Amendment of Retention and Utilization of Export Earnings and Inward Remittance

FXD/69/2021Diaspora account Amendment

FXD/68/2020 Foreign Currency Saving Account for Residents of Ethiopia, Non-Resident Ethiopian and Non- Resident Ethiopian Origin

FXD/67/2020  Transparency in Foreign Currency Allocation and Foreign Exchange Management

FXD/65/2020  Amendment to Flower Export

 FXD/63/2019 Amendment to FXD-07-19987

  FXD/61/2019 External loan in kind

  FXD/60/2019 Fixation of Daily Foreign Exchange cash notes and transaction Rate

 FXD/59/2019 Foreign Exchange Transaction in Industrial Parks

  FXD/56/2018 Debit Credit Card

 FXD/53/2017 Setting of minimum price for selected import items

  FXD/49/2017 Limits of Birr and Foreign Currency Holding in the Territory of Ethiopia

  FXD/43/2013 Amendment of Operation of Foreign Exchange Bureau

  FXD/23/2003 Foreign Currency Cash Holding by Commercial Banks

  FXD/19/2001 Procedure for Handling of Import Documents

  FXD/18/2001 Ex Post Price Verification

  FXD/17/2001Operation of F0rign Exchange Bureaux

  FXD/14/2000 Transfer of Freight Expense for Djiboutian Tuckera

  FXD/10/1998 Foreign Salary Remittance

  FXD/07/1998 Transfer of  Foreign Exchange function to Commercial Banks

 FXD-49-2017 Limits of Birr holding

The National Bank of Ethiopia was established in 1963 by proclamation 206 of 1963 and began operation in January 1964.

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